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CA-762672-A: Motion simulator patent, CA-763071-A: Electromagnetic forming device patent, CA-763142-A: Method of extracting and recovering blood patent, CA-763235-A: Fluid valve patent, CA-763243-A: Bell construction for chair support patent, CA-763481-A: Epoxide resin compositions patent, CA-763828-A: Piston assembly patent, CA-764281-A: Airfoil patent, CA-764768-A: Controlled resin formation in permeable strata patent, CA-764914-A: Laminated planographic printing plates patent, CA-765610-A: Fuel feeding installation for internal combustion engine patent, CA-76640-A: Telegraphie rapide patent, CA-767342-A: Squeeze mop patent, CA-76736-A: Ore pocket patent, CA-767799-A: Electrical contact socket, and apparatus and method for making the same patent, CA-767839-A: Disposable vacuum cleaner dust containers patent, CA-769229-A: Magnetic modulator for a direct current comparator patent, CA-770020-A: Process for the production of chlorine and potassium sulfate patent, CA-770054-A: Process and device for the granulation of fertilizers patent, CA-770070-A: Transfer writing patent, CA-770893-A: Direct reading densitometer patent, CA-771049-A: Fin tube unit patent, CA-771984-A: Fluid apparatus patent, CA-772272-A: Atomic frequency standard patent, CA-77236-A: Ferrure de rideaux patent, CA-772377-A: Household refrigerator patent, CA-772564-A: Heat-sensitive copy sheet patent, CA-772567-A: Fuel oil additives patent, CA-773066-A: Gas-shielded arc welding of 18% nickel steel patent, CA-773693-A: Cathode-ray tube screening patent, CA-773844-A: Power mower edging attachment patent, CA-774348-A: Process for flooding the eye of a pump patent, CA-774463-A: Dispositif pour eviter le givrage des joints d'etancheite de portes d'enceintes refrigerees patent, CA-775611-A: Zirconia-magnesia composition and method of making and using the same patent, CA-775911-A: Process and apparatus for the continuous separation of crystallizable substances patent, CA-776280-A: Pulse time interval measuring system patent, CA-777013-A: Socket assembly for releasable device patent, CA-777551-A: Carburetor patent, CA-779029-A: Manual means for the mechanical drilling of dental canals patent, CA-779203-A: Process for the regeneration of hydrochloric acid-containing pickling baths patent, CA-781020-A: Positive retention disconnectable wire splice patent, CA-781036-A: Word logic circuit patent, CA-781474-A: Derives du dibenzocycloheptadiene et leur preparation patent, CA-781499-A: Preparation of alpha, omega-dicarboxylic acids having eight to sixteen carbon atoms patent, CA-781548-A: Polymers prepared from certain polyisocyanates patent, CA-781645-A: Procedes et dispositifs d'aseptisation de milieux comportant au moins une phase liquide patent, CA-782548-A: Photographic printing plate patent, CA-783434-A: Conveying equipment patent, CA-783846-A: Book binding device patent, CA-783996-A: Hydraulic control system patent, CA-784004-A: Board turning apparatus patent, CA-784394-A: Conveyance loader pivot apparatus patent, CA-784420-A: Portable autoclave patent, CA-784836-A: Electric pulse generating means patent, CA-785834-A: Thermoplastic resins containing polyphenylene ether patent, CA-787232-A: Fibreboard container and method of erecting same patent, CA-787296-A: Process of improving wet strength of paper and products thereof patent, CA-787665-A: Subfloor conveyor switch apparatus patent, CA-788379-A: Porous filter having integral parts patent, CA-789178-A: Apparatus for numerical control of motions and the like patent, CA-789400-A: Fiber surface vibration absorbing pad patent, CA-789867-A: Tube bending machine and mandril assembly patent, CA-789873-A: Round corner cutting machine for record cards patent, CA-789893-A: Cheese curd mill patent, CA-790070-A: Nicotinic acid esters patent, CA-790366-A: Vertical direct-fired water heater patent, CA-790794-A: Portable electrical equipment including solar-cell powering patent, CA-791427-A: Rotary engines patent, CA-791548-A: Altitude controller patent, CA-792332-A: Vacuum operated switch construction patent, CA-792782-A: Organic isocyanates patent, CA-792799-A: Fluoroperhaloisopropyl benzene carboxylic acids patent, CA-793187-A: Finishing cellulosic textiles patent, CA-793395-A: Polymers of tetrahydrofuran and oxetane compounds patent, CA-793704-A: Thin laminated gasket patent, CA-793868-A: Sulfamyl compounds and process for preparing them patent, CA-794171-A: Spring driven power hammer patent, CA-794715-A: Cable carried by inflatable structure patent, CA-794880-A: Stabilised polymeric compositions patent, CA-795370-A: Amine salts having interesting therapeutic properties and to a process for their preparation patent, CA-795835-A: Modified polyalkylene membrane patent, CA-795891-A: Variable angle attachment for infrared reflection spectroscopy patent, CA-796271-A: Method of providing surface treated consolidated fibrous articles patent, CA-796334-A: Octaphenyltetracyclooctasiloxanediols and preparation patent, CA-797066-A: Dual medicinal vial patent, CA-797258-A: Pharmacodynamically active compounds patent, CA-797373-A: Method of dosing the arc tube of a mercury-additive lamp patent, CA-797492-A: Navigation equipment patent, CA-797615-A: Elevator roller guide assembly patent, CA-797923-A: Method and means for flowing a gas in a fuel cell system patent, CA-799726-A: Manufacture of fabric patent, CA-799912-A: Stainless steel and method patent, CA-800199-A: Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices patent, CA-800922-A: Removal of iron from concentrated barium hydroxide solutions patent, CA-801170-A: Circuit breakers patent, CA-801311-A: Safety device to be used in automatic shoe cleaning and polishing machines patent, CA-801713-A: Processes for the production of pure acrylonitrile and acetonitrile patent, CA-802813-A: Material and process for treating subterranean formations patent, CA-80297-A: Embroidery seams patent, CA-803591-A: Phenolic stabilized polyvinyl chloride compositions 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